Company Profile

Our company has been established for nearly 23 years and specializes in CD sound systems, CD Boomboxes , Clock radios , radios , Party Speakers, docking and electronic toys.

  • 1994 –   Ka Shun Electricity Development Co., LTD was established. Our factory is located in Shenzhen, mainland China.
  • 2004 – Manufacturing capacity was increased. It is a better, more well-managed, standardized, and beautifully landscaped factory.
  • Now – Well-established, with annual sales of over one hundred million RMB.
    All our products are manufactured solely for overseas markets such as USA, Canada, Europe, South Africa, Mexico, Russia, Japan and other countries.
  • “Be professional, innovative, and strive for improvement and perfection”
  • – KASHUN’s Objective. We are dedicated to produce only high-quality products by implementing a stringent and comprehensive quality-control system in accordance with ISO9001:2008 quality-management standards.
  • –  KASHUN’s Goal. To continually improve our product quality until perfection.  Our management team is a group of professionals who are dedicated, united and share the same passion for excellence .